Silvaco TCAD Knowledge Base - Academic Course Materials

This ten week training period was achieved at the Instituto de Microelectrónica de Madrid (IMM) where the Doctor Pablo Aitor Postigo was my tutor. In order to develop single photon emitters and entangled photon emitters on III-V semiconductor materials, photonic crystals with quantum dots are studied by the MBE group of the IMM.
An investigation of the teaching of Silicon Processing technology through a computer simulation software from SILVACO. The work covers the 2-D simulation of various fabrication steps such as oxidation, diffusion, ion implantation and comparison with 1-D analytical models.
Laboratory procedures for TCAD software installation in a University setting
Materials, physics, technology, and circuits. By Professor W. Eccleston, University of Liverpool, UK
This paper describes a one-year project that optimized device performance using Semiconductor TCAD tools. It includes excellent tutorial material in process and device theory and the use of Silvaco TCAD simulation tools. Advisor: Dr. Ashok K. Goel. Team Members: Matthew Merry, Kathryn Arkenberg, Eric Therkildsen, Emanuel Chiaburu, William Standfest. May 3, 2001.