ClarityRLC and its Competitors

EdXact Jivaro, built-in netlist reducers (within Synopsys StarRC, Cadence QRC, Mentor Graphics XRC, Magma QuartzRC)

ClarityRLC is an efficient and accurate tool for reduction of parasitic RLC elements in extracted netlists. ClarityRLC can be used in place of Jivaro, and substitute/excel built-in netlist reduction capabilities (of StarRC, QRC, Calibre-XRC, QuartzRC) providing the following key features:

  • Rapid handling the netlists of arbitrary size and complexity
  • High-rate, intelligent reduction, based on proprietary enhancements and synthesis of Time Domain method and Scattering-Parameter-Based Macromodeling
  • Support of SPICE, DSPF, or SPEF formats
  • Significant gains in runtime of post-layout and post-route simulations
  • Filtering of dangling elements and elements with values out of user specified range
  • Careful preserving of original netlist entities that are not affected by reduction
  • Analysis of the variety of interconnect models (other than RC-trees), handling of coupling capacitors and resistor loops without loss of generality
  • Integration with Hipex (full-chip parasitic extractor)

EdXact Jivaro, Cadence QRC, Synopsys StarRC, Mentor Calibre-XRC, Magma QuartzRC are trademarks of their respective owners.