PDK 设计流程 - 概要

PDKs for Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF Design Houses

  • SILVACO PDK领先地位 – 质量上乘,快速TAT, 使用简便
  • PDK作为使能技术 - 提供设计师一个即刻产出环境,启动新设计项目
  • PDK 文件用法 – 简易且高效
  • 快速发展PDK用户
  • 支持CMOS、双极、BiCMOS、SOI、SiGe、TFT、CCD以及其它工艺技术
  • SILVACO安全网站下载PDK

PDK as Enabling Technology
  • PDK is a critical enabling technology for design houses that enables them to utilize EDA tools efficiently and start designing as soon as a PDK is made available
  • Silvaco provides design solutions by offering PDKs and EDA Tools together and interfacing with fabs to enable rapid design
  • PDK enables “CONNECTING”
    • PDK enables smooth data transfer from one EDA tool to another, creating a seamless design flow
    • PDK enables efficient communication between design houses, EDA vendors and Fabs as it serves as a common ground for communication


The problems with present PDKs are (1) poor integration of PDK data files due to multiple EDA tool vendors, (2) poor communication between user, EDA vendors, and fabs, (3) a lack of ownership of PDK problems among EDA vendors and fabs.


SILVACO公司的PDK运用SILVACO的front-to-back定制IC设计平台,配合快速设计所需的所有 foundry指定模型、符号、规则deck和参数化单元(PCells),启动模拟、混合信号和RF设计周期。 因其高品质、易使用的特征,SILVACO PDK正在迅速地被全球各地的一流foundry和设计公司所采用。