Silvaco’s FPD Design Tool Flow selected by Sharp Corporation for Advanced Display Development


Yokohama, Japan - October 26, 2017

The Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd. (Silvaco) announced that Sharp Display Devices Company (part of Sharp Corporation) has selected Silvaco’s flat panel display (FPD) design tool flow for all future research, development and design of its advanced display devices.

Sharp’s liquid crystal display (LCD) history began in 1973 with the world’s first LCD pocket calculator. Since then, Sharp has opened the door to a new era of LCD technology. In recent years, the company has developed new displays, such as the indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) liquid crystal displays, ultra-high resolution (8K) LCDs, Free-Form Displays, Transparent Displays, and is also focusing on OLED development.

The utilization of EDA tools is essential in the efficient development and design of such cutting-edge display technologies. Silvaco provides a wide design solution flow aimed at FPD development. As a result, in order to accelerate the development and design of leading edge displays, Sharp has selected Silvaco’s complete FPD design flow, expanding the application field of a wide range of tools, such as:

  • Atlas™ device simulator: for OLED, liquid crystal element and TFT device simulations.
  • Clever™: for highly accurate 3D parasitic RC extraction for liquid crystal elements.
  • Utmost™ compact modeling platform: for fast and highly accurate extraction of RPI models.
  • SmartSpice™ simulation platform: for fast and highly accurate full panel circuit simulations.

Sharp Display Devices Company’s Panel Design Center Ⅰ Deputy General Manager Noboru Matsuda stated, “In the design and development of high quality liquid crystal displays pursued by Sharp Display Devices Company, a fast and highly accurate simulation environment is essential. Due to Silvaco’s product lineup and technical support, we can look forward to a high total performance for future OLED design and development as well.”

Silvaco’s General Manager Naoto Kameda stated, “We are extremely pleased that Silvaco’s FPD design flow has been newly appreciated by Sharp, which is a leading liquid crystal company. Silvaco continuously strives to satisfy the high technical demands of customers in the display market, where technical innovation progresses rapidly.”

About Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd.

Silvaco Japan was first established as a Japanese branch of Silvaco, Inc. in 1989 and incorporated as a Japanese corporation in 1995. Silvaco Japan's corporate mission is to be the leading provider of TCAD and EDA software products in the Japanese market. To achieve and maintain its leadership objective, Silvaco Japan is focused on building and growing a strong sales, product support and R&D work force. Silvaco Japan is headquartered at the Landmark Tower in Yokohama, and maintains an additional office in Kyoto.

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