Silvaco’s Device Simulator selected by Fukushima University for Research and Development of Ultra-thin Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell

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Yokohama, Japan - March 8, 2017 - Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd. (Silvaco) announced that Fukushima University has selected Silvaco’s device simulator, Atlas, for its ultra-thin crystalline silicon solar cell research and development project. The specific division focused on this project is the Next Generation Solar Cell Team under the Regional Innovation Strategy Support Program of Renewable Energy in the Faculty of Symbiotic Systems Science.

The goal of this project is to develop a highly efficient ultra-thin high-performance next generation silicon solar cell at a cost that is dramatically lower than that of conventional solar cells. By doing so, the program aims to promote next generation solar cell research and development and industry integration modelling. They have actually created a 53-micron ultra-thin back contact hetero-junction silicon solar cell with an inkjet printing method, and their R&D results are garnering a lot of attention.

To further advance the development of more efficient backside electrode hetero-junction silicon solar cells, Fukushima University has decided to use Silvaco’s device simulator, which has a long track record in solar cell development. In addition, Fukushima University plans on announcing their research results using analysis by the device simulator at the Spring Meeting of Japan Society of Applied Physics on March 17.

Professor Hiroshi Noge from Fukushima University stated, “In the research and development of solar cells, creating and checking an actual device at the initial stage when new cell structures are being studied, takes time and money. It is not an efficient process yet. Using Silvaco’s device simulator, we can make a highly accurate determination as to whether a new idea will be useful. We expect to see further efficiency improvements in back contact hetero-junctions.”

Silvaco’s General Manager Yoshiharu Furui stated, “As solar cells become ultra-thin and flexible, new markets will be created, which will have a major impact on the solar cell industry. We are extremely pleased that Fukushima University, which has already achieved great results in this field, has selected Silvaco’s device simulator and appreciates the usefulness and track record of Silvaco’s technology.”


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