Graduate School of Engineering of Osaka University to Use Silvaco’s Victory 3D TCAD Product in Thermoelectric Conversion Device Research

Yokohama, Japan - March 8, 2016 - Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd. (“Silvaco”) has announced that researchers at the Graduate School of Engineering of Osaka University (located at Suita-shi, Osaka; hereinafter “Osaka University”) will use Silvaco’s 3-dimensional process and device simulator “Victory 3D” in its thermoelectric conversion device research.

Osaka University is conducting research across a wide range of areas, from clarifying the physical phenomena expressed at an atomic level in quantum devices to improving performance of integrated systems, based on computational physics and aimed at the realization of integrated systems and devices using new materials, structures and principals.

Yoshinari Kamakura, Associate Professor of Osaka University stated, Exceptional precision, convergence properties and effective mesh formation are essential for 3D device simulation of thermoelectric conversion devices. I anticipate the acceleration of research with increased efficiency in analyzing Seebeck effects and Peltier Thomson effects by utilizing Silvaco’s Victory 3D simulation tools.”

Silvaco’s General Manager Yoshiharu Furui stated, “We are extremely pleased that Osaka University is using Silvaco’s advanced 3D TCAD software. Our 3D TCAD simulation products have been widely adopted for challenging simulations that require advanced meshing, high precision solvers and large structure simulation on several tens of CPUs. We will continue to partner with various universities and research organizations, continue to advance our products so as to be able to contribute to technological innovation.”


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