Silvaco Announces Formation Of Technical Advisory Board

Appointment of Microelectronics Expert Dr. Siegfried Selberherr Strengthens Silvaco's Technical Leadership as Company Pursues Further Growth

Santa Clara, California - February 23, 2016 - Silvaco, Inc. today announced the formation of its technical advisory board and appointment of Dr. Siegfried Selberherr to the new board. The technical advisory board will collaborate closely with Silvaco management to provide guidance and recommendations to help Silvaco set the direction of the company's technology roadmap and support Silvaco's strategic initiatives as the company accelerates business growth.

Dr. Selberherr is internationally recognized for his research in the modeling and simulation of physical phenomena in microelectronics engineering, particularly in the field of technology computer-aided design (TCAD). Since 1988, Dr. Selberherr has been a chair professor of software technology of microelectronic systems at the Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien)/the Technical University of Vienna, where he has held various leadership positions, including dean of the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, head of the Institute for Microelectronics and member of the University Senate.

Dr. Selberherr has overseen numerous research projects with well-known semiconductor companies and funding agencies, including the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), the Christian Doppler Research Association (CDG) and the European Research Council (ERC). For his scientific contributions, he has received numerous prestigious awards, including the Erwin Schrödinger Award (2001) and the Grand Decoration of Honor by the Republic of Austria (2005). Dr. Selberherr has published two books, authored/co-authored and published more than 1000 technical articles in conference proceedings and over 350 journal papers. He is an active member of the Association for Computing Machinery and a distinguished lecturer and fellow of the IEEE Electron Devices Society. Dr. Selberherr completed his studies in electrical engineering at TU Wien, where he received the degree of Diplom-Ingenieur in 1978,a doctoral degree in technical sciences in 1981 and the habilitation qualification in 1984.

"I have been working with Silvaco on application-oriented basic research at the recently established Christian Doppler Laboratory (CDL) for High-Performance TCAD (HPTCAD) in Vienna, Austria and am excited to continue my long-standing relationship with the company now as a member of Silvaco’s technical advisory board,” said Dr. Selberherr." Silvaco has developed industry-leading technology TCAD technology, and I look forward to working with the leadership team to guide and shape its future technology roadmap as the company continues to maximize its opportunities for growth and success."

“We are pleased to announce the formation of our technical advisory board, to which we will continue to add accomplished technical leaders from various industry backgrounds and areas of expertise," said Silvaco’s CEO David L. Dutton. " Dr. Selberherr is a distinguished member of academia and research in semiconductor device technology. Having a respected TCAD expert and academic leader on our advisory board will enable Silvaco to engage the brightest minds at collaborating universities, while providing reciprocal value to these universities from joint development partnerships with an EDA industry-leading company such as Silvaco. We welcome Dr. Selberherr to the advisory board and the Silvaco family, where he will help us strengthen our products in the TCAD arena as we expand into new adjacent growth markets.


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Silvaco, Inc. is a leading EDA provider of software tools used for process and device development and for analog/mixed-signal, power IC and memory design. Silvaco delivers a full TCAD-to-signoff flow for vertical markets including: displays, power electronics, optical devices, radiation and soft error reliability and advanced CMOS process and IP development. For over 30 years, Silvaco has enabled its customers to bring superior products to market at reduced cost and in the shortest time. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and has a global presence with offices located in North America, Europe, Japan and Asia.

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