TU Wien and Silvaco Establish New Christian Doppler Laboratory To Accelerate High Performance TCAD Development

Technology Partnership Will Leverage High Performance Computing with Enhanced Models to Enrich Scalability, Accuracy and Speed of 3D TCAD Simulations

At the official opening of the new CDL, left to right: Silvaco’s Kathy Pesic, Andreas Hoessinger, David L. Dutton, Eric Guichard, Iliya Pesic, Dr. Erasmus Langer from TU Wien Dr. Gottfried Magerl from TU Wien, Dr. Joseph Weinbub the new CDL’s head, Dr. Siegfried Selberherr from TU Wien

Santa Clara, California - November 10, 2015 - Silvaco, Inc. today announced a partnership with the Institute for Microelectronics, TU Wien (Institut für Mikroelektronik der Technische Universität Wien/TU Wien) to establish the new Christian Doppler Laboratory (CDL) for High Performance TCAD (technology computer-aided design) in Vienna, Austria. The new CDL—officially opened on October 5th—provides a facility for application-oriented fundamental research conducted by leading university scientists and engineers from innovative companies such as Silvaco, which is jointly financing the project in conjunction with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economics (BMWFW).

“Developing microelectronic components cannot rely on trial and error, but instead engineers must obtain trends using simulation tools long before they actually fabricate real devices,” said Dr. Siegfried Selberherr, Professor at the Institute for Microelectronics, TU Wien. “The Institute for Microelectronics specializes in numerical simulations and specifically focuses on the development of software tools for the simulation of semiconductor devices. Our successful research strongly relies on intensive cooperation with national, European, and international industrial partners, and we are excited to work with Silvaco via the new CDL to develop tools that will be applied to the improvement of existing ultra-large-scale integration (ULSI) semiconductor devices and to support the development of new technologies.”

“Parallel computing resources that can be used to handle extreme scales, high accuracy requirements and high aspect ratios are critical for today’s 3D TCAD applications,” said Dr. Josef Weinbub, the head of the new CDL. “Increasing manufacturing R&D costs are creating greater demand for more complex simulation, but simulation budgets are tight and customers want their simulation software to deliver results within a typical work day for optimal productivity. Our new research collaboration between TU Wien and Silvaco will leverage high-performance computing and parallelization of processors, as well as development of novel physical models to help significantly reduce simulation time while still maintaining accuracy.”

“Dr. Selberherr and the team at TU Wien are renowned for their expertise in modeling and simulation of physical phenomena in the field of microelectronics, and Silvaco is pleased to work with them to develop complex yet cost-effective 3D process simulations to help customers maintain Moore’s Law,” said Silvaco Chief Executive Officer David L. Dutton. “Joining Silvaco’s already established Cambridge UK, and Grenoble, France sites, this new CDL will serve as the third research and development site in Europe for Silvaco.“



About TU Wien Institute For Microelectronics

The TU Wien Institute for Microelectronics' main research focus is the development of models, software algorithms and tools for the simulation of semiconductor devices and technological process steps. These tools are applied either to the improvement of existing ULSI semiconductor devices or to support the development of new technologies. As the Institute does not have any direct access to fabrication facilities, the successful research strongly relies on intensive co-operation with national, European, and international industrial partners. The Institute is also involved in Austrian and European research programs. The Institute's current research activities include:

  • Device Simulation
  • Process Simulation
  • High Performance Computing
  • Meshing
  • Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI)


About Christian Doppler Research Association (CDG)

The Christian Doppler Research Association (CDG) is considered a pioneer in Austria for successful collaborations between science and the private sector. For 25 years, CD Laboratories have opened the door for cooperation partners to perform application-oriented basic research of mutual benefit for companies and science. The Christian Doppler Research Association:

  • Funds application-oriented basic research
  • Gives companies effective access to new knowledge and operates as the interface between business and science


About Silvaco, Inc.

Silvaco, Inc. is a leading EDA provider of software tools used for process and device development and for analog/mixed-signal, power IC and memory design. Silvaco delivers a full TCAD-to-signoff flow for vertical markets including: displays, power electronics, optical devices, radiation and soft error reliability and advanced CMOS process and IP development. For over 30 years, Silvaco has enabled its customers to bring superior products to market at reduced cost and in the shortest time. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and has a global presence with offices located in North America, Europe, Japan and Asia.

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