Silvaco is Gold Sponsor of TowerJazz Global Symposium, Irvine, CA

Silvaco is supporting all of the 2013 TowerJazz Global Symposium (TGS) events as a gold sponsor and will be attending the event on November 13th at the Hyatt Regency, Irvine, California.

Silvaco is a major EDA provider for TowerJazz, providing powerful but affordable front end and back end tools, from the Gateway schematic editor and SmartSpice Analog Circuit Simulator, to the Expert layout editor, Guardian DRC/LVS/NET verification tools, and Hipex parasitic extractor.

We currently support a large selection of TowerJazz PDKs:

  • BCD25MB
  • CA13HC
  • CA18HA
  • CA18HD
  • CA18HG
  • CA18QH
  • CA25QFS
  • CS18
  • SBC18H2
  • SBC18H3B
  • SBC18HA
  • SBC18HK
  • SBC18HX
  • SBC35QTA
  • SBC35QTS
  • TS18SL / TS18IS (0.18u CMOS 5V+CIS)

Additional PDKs are being added all the time and are made available on request.

For more information from TowerJazz on the TGS events, please visit