Silvaco Provides Design Flow for Design Environment of Panasonic Analog Master Slice Service

Yokohama, Japan, - Tuesday, April. 23, 2013.

Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd. (Silvaco) has announced that Silvaco Design Flow has been adopted as the design environment for Analog Master Slice Service provided by Panasonic Corporation Semiconductor Business Division.

Analog IC applications, such as industrial, home appliances, automotive, and power appliances, are expected to have further growth while requiring further reductions in size. Analog Master Slice allows customers to create analog custom IC in a short turnaround time and provides strong solutions to satisfy customer needs. Silvaco Design Flow, seamless from circuit design to layout design at reasonable cost, is suitable for the design environment of Analog Master Slice.

Silvaco PDK (Process Design Kit) will be provided by Panasonic to customers as the design environment for Panasonic Analog Master Slice Service from May 2013. Technical support for Silvaco tools and Silvaco PDK will be offered by Silvaco.

Silvaco PDK for Panasonic Analog Master Slice Service supports the following Silvaco tools:

  • Gateway: schematic editor
  • SmartSpice: SPICE simulator
  • Expert: layout editor
  • Guardian: DRC/LVS verification tool
  • Hipex: parasitic RC extraction tool

Ichiro Ishibashi, Director of the Analog IC Division of Panasonic Corporation’s Semiconductor Business Division said, "With the increasing demand for Analog Master Slice Service, we have provided Silvaco’s PDK to customers. Silvaco's design environment, supporting customers from circuit design to layout design, has been widely used and we believe it will expand the design flexibility for customers of Analog Master Slice Service."

"It is our great pleasure that Silvaco Design Flow has been adopted for Analog Master Slice Service by Panasonic," said Yoshiharu Furui, General Manager of Silvaco Japan. "Panasonic Analog Master Slice Service is a solution to make analog custom IC more convenient for the engineers in the rapidly growing electronics field. We are very excited to work together with the customers."

For more details about Panasonic Analog Master Slice Service, please see the following:

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