AATech Deepens Relationship with Silvaco with Unlimited Gateway and SmartSpice Licenses

美国加州圣塔克拉拉与台湾新竹 – 2010年8月18日星期三

Advanced Analog Technology, Inc. (AAT) (TSE : 3438), a leading Analog / Mixed-Signal design house based in Taiwan, has decided to deepen its relationship with Silvaco, a leading supplier of EDA software, with its continued adoption of Silvaco’s Company Worldwide Unlimited License for Gateway, SmartSpice, and Verilog-A.

“Silvaco’s unlimited license is a key factor in reducing our design cycle and increasing our design productivity”, said Eric Huang, Vice President of AAT. “Silvaco’s responsiveness on technical issues exceeds our expectations. We are happy to have Silvaco as a key EDA partner.”

“I'm pleased with AAT’s continued adoption of our worldwide unlimited licenses and that they are satisfied with our service,” said Dr. Ivan Pesic, President and CEO of Silvaco. “The Company Worldwide Unlimited license can help AAT to grow rapidly and we are happy to contribute to their growth.”

Silvaco’s Company Worldwide Unlimited License is unique and provides the solution to the problem of limited license availability. It was created in response to the increasing demand for EDA tools.

SmartSpice delivers the highest performance and accuracy required to design complex high precision analog circuits, analog mixed-signal circuits, analyze critical nets, and characterize cell libraries. SmartSpice is compatible with popular analog design flows and foundry-supplied device models.

Gateway schematic editor provides an intuitive front end environment for capturing designs and performing simulations in both analog, mixed signal and digital domains.

The Verilog-A language, compiled or interpreted, when combined with SmartSpice provides circuit designers and model developers with an easy-to-use, comprehensive environment for the design and verification of complex analog and mixed-signal circuits and models.

The integrated environment of Gateway, SmartSpice and Verilog-A in Silvaco’s PDK driven design flow provides high productivity at an affordable price.

About Silvaco, Inc.
Silvaco, Inc. is a leading provider of TCAD, circuit simulation, and IC CAD software tools. Silvaco's tools are used by fabs for developing semiconductor processes, and design houses for developing analog, mixed-signal, and RF integrated circuits. The company provides a complete PDK-based design flow with interfaces to third-party design platforms. Silvaco has a worldwide presence with local offices in all key industrial regions in the world.

Dr. Ivan Pesic
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About Advanced Analog Technology Incorporated
Established in 1999, Advanced Analog Technology Incorporated (AAT) is one of the leading IC design companies in Taiwan.

With many years of successful analog design and product experience, AAT has become a major analog IC design company in Taiwan. AAT specializes in power management ICs and provides custom designed products in response to customers’ needs. The company’s products are categorized into DC-DC PWM IC, DC-AC PWM IC, Battery Protector & Management IC, Switching Power Supervisor IC, Buffer IC, and others. AAT has built its reputation on providing quality products and guaranteed after services to customers.

Vice President/Spokesperson
Eric Huang
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