Richtek Adopts Simucad's Unlimited SmartSpice License to Increase Design Productivity

Santa Clara, CA and Hsinchu, Taiwan - Friday May 15th, 2009. Richtek (TWSE: 6286), a leading Analog / Mixed-Signal design house based in Taiwan, has adopted a Company Worldwide Unlimited License for SmartSpice and Verilog-A. Simucad Design Automation, a leading supplier of EDA software, has been selling Company Worldwide Unlimited Licenses since 2007 in response to strong demand.

Analog design houses with a significant group of designers typically experience a shortage of circuit simulator licenses during critical phases of the design cycle. The Company Worldwide Unlimited License eliminates this bottleneck and opens the pathway to large increases in productivity.

SmartSpice delivers the highest performance and accuracy required to design complex high precision analog circuits, analog mixed-signal circuits, analyze critical nets, and characterize cell libraries. SmartSpice is compatible with popular analog design flows and foundry-supplied device models.

The Verilog-A language, compiled or interpreted, when combined with SmartSpice provides circuit designers and model developers with an easy-to-use, comprehensive environment for the design and verification of complex analog and mixed-signal circuits and models.

"Richtek's circuit design productivity increased after we purchased Simucad's worldwide unlimited site license," said KC Chang, VP of Technology Development, Richtek. "We are now able to run unlimited copies of the highly accurate and fast SmartSpice simulator for a very reasonable price."

"I'm very happy that Richtek has joined the growing family of companies that are adopting our worldwide unlimited licenses," said Dr Ivan Pesic, President and CEO of Simucad. "I am confident that this will make Richtek an even stronger company."

About Simucad Design Automation

Simucad Design Automation is a leading provider of simulation and CAD software tools used for developing analog, mixed-signal, and RF integrated circuits. Founded in 2004 as a spin-off from SILVACO International, the company delivers products for circuit simulation, custom IC layout and verification, interconnect modeling, digital simulation, and IP characterization. The company provides a complete PDK-based design flow with interfaces to third-party design platforms.

Simucad has a worldwide presence inherited from SILVACO's twenty years of business and is preparing for an IPO.

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About Richtek

Richtek is a world-leading power management IC design house. We are singularly focused on delivering the world's most competitive power management IC products, the most comprehensive solutions, and the highest quality services. Since our start in 1998, Richtek has quickly become one of the world's leading providers of power management IC solutions. We have achieved this not only by delivering a new generation of cost-effective power management ICs, but also by providing clients with customized system design-in services and support.

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