Spring 2007 Product Workshop

In mid-April, SILVACO Japan hosted a comprehensive technology seminar in Shin Yokohama, Japan, at which the company CEO, Dr. Ivan Pesic, outlined current architectural and technical challenges in analog circuit simulation and Simucad's solutions to all these challenges that make SmartSpice the best circuit simulator. The road ahead will see increased focus on solvers, memory management, multithreading, model development, and the compatibility development to match other circuit simulators.

Distinguished invited speaker Professor Mitiko Miura-Mattausch, from Hiroshima University, presented the HiSIM model and its applications to CMOS, LDMOS, SOI and other technologies. The latest HiSIM 4.0 will shortly be released in Simucad products for commercial applications.

Other products covered at the Seminar included the new UTMOST IV release, and upgrades to CLEVER and ACCUCORE products.

The Seminar was well attended with well over 200 engineers and managers from Japan and Korea.