SILVACO Releases Stand-alone Proprietary Encryption Program

Santa Clara CA, August 8, 2005

SILVACO today announced the availability of a stand-alone encryption program for its simulation products. SmartSpice Analog Circuit Simulator customers have been successfully using the same encryption program for many years embedded within SmartSpice. It has now been decoupled for use in all SILVACO simulation products and is available free of charge.

Using this encryption technology, ASIC providers, FPGA manufacturers and IP companies can securely distribute encrypted circuit blocks containing important intellectual property (IP) to their customers. This technology also enables foundries to encrypt SPICE model libraries for distribution to their customers is a secure manner. The de-encryption algorithms are built into SmartSpice and other SILVACO software products as a standard feature at no additional cost.

“Our foundry partners were the first to request this standalone encryption technology to distribute their model libraries”, said Dr. Ivan Pesic, president and CEO of SILVACO, “And ever since we introduced IBIS modeling in SmartSpice, our PCB design customers, FPGA vendors and IP vendor customers echoed the same request for standalone encryption to protect their valuable intellectual property”.

The SILVACO encryption technology uses a secure and robust encryption engine that encodes device model libraries, subcircuits and all other input files up to and including a complete SmartSpice input deck.

Encrypted model and circuit libraries are treated as “black boxes” providing users with access only to terminal functions. Users cannot view or print the encrypted netlists, internal node voltages, or model parameters. The simulation process flow is exactly the same as without encryption so that users do not have to change their design and verification flows.

Pricing and Availability
The program is free, with no license required, to SILVACO customers. Contact your SILVACO salesperson to obtain your executable copy of the software and documentation or e-mail

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