SILVACO Delivers Complete IC CAD Tool Flow on Linux and Solaris

Santa Clara, June 7, 2004

SILVACO International today announced the release of its integrated IC CAD products—Gateway Schematic Editor, Expert Layout Editor, Guardian DRC/LVS/LPE on Linux and Solaris. This new graphical user interface (GUI) is based on the Qt toolkit from Trolltech and a new inter-tool communications protocol.

“We see the lion’s share of our future software sales on Linux,” said Ken Brock, vice president of marketing at SILVACO. “SILVACO’s integrated custom IC design platform now offers a feature-rich set of tools with full cross-platform capability with screaming performance.”

SILVACO has been redesigning its tools to take advantage of this modern GUI and inter-tool communication for over a year to achieve several critical objectives in response to customer demands:

  • All tools must have same look and feel
  • Increased interactive performance
  • Seamless inter-tool communication for schematic driven layout and back annotation
  • User customizable interface including configurable tool bars and dock-able windows
  • Free cross platform license migration for Gateway, Expert, and Guardian
  • Complement existing products already ported to Qt including SmartSpice Circuit Simulator and the HIPEX Parasitic Extraction Tools

SILVACO’s custom IC design platform offers a compelling alternative to high-priced custom IC design tools and low-cost, partial solutions that do not offer integrated schematic, circuit simulation, layout, verification and parasitic extraction solutions. SILVACO provides worldwide customer support, training, process design kit (PDK) development, and SPICE modeling to serve its customers and foundry partners.

Pricing and Availability

SILVACO’s IC CAD tools are available now on Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Perpetual, time-based, and site licenses are available for workgroup configurations of these products. List price of a complete custom IC design flow with the Gateway Schematic Editor, Expert Layout Editor, Guardian DRC/LVS/LPE, and SmartSpice Circuit simulator starts at $110,000 for a term-based license. For further information on these products, please contact

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