SILVACO Delivers Full-Chip Parasitic Extraction Products

Santa Clara, May 26, 2004

SILVACO International today announced the release of HIPEX Full-Chip Parasitic Extraction products that perform 3D-accurate and 2D-fast extraction of parasitic capacitors and resistors from hierarchical layouts into hierarchical transistor-level netlists for integrated circuits in nanometer process technology.

“HIPEX provides accurate RC extraction, and in conjunction with SILVACO’s Gateway Schematic Editor, Expert Layout Editor and Guardian DRC/LVS, HIPEX completes a physical design flow which we have used to complete many chip designs with first time success,” said Louis J. Morales, Vice-President of Innotech Systems, Inc.

SILVACO acquired HIPEX source code in 1995 from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Simplex (IPO in 2001 and acquired by Cadence in 2002) licensed the same code as a base to develop their extraction products. SILVACO has re-engineered this technology to develop a complete set of parasitic extraction products that address the rigorous demands of nanometer technology—including an effective RC network reducer.

“HIPEX is fast, accurate and can handle large SoCs using industry-standard design flows,” said Ken Brock, vice president of marketing at SILVACO. “It complements our line of physics-based, full 3D field-solver parasitic extraction products for RF components, standard cells, memory bit cells, and capacitance rule file generation.”

HIPEX’s key differentiator is selected net extraction for fast RC extraction of critical path nets in SoCs and large memories—directly from the Expert Layout Editor. Capacitance extraction includes accurate parasitic overlap, lateral, and fringe. Resistance extraction includes parasitics for lines, contacts, and vias--splitting long conducting tracks for accurate RC-distribution. Multiple parasitic extraction models enable engineers to trade off between accuracy and run time. Powerful scripting capabilities within technology files enable user-definable algorithms for nanometer devices and interconnect. HIPEX supports standard output parasitic netlist files in SPICE, back-annotated schematic netlists, DSPF and SPEF formats.

Pricing and Availability
HIPEX Full Chip Parasitic Extraction products include HIPEX-C for capacitance, HIPEX-RC for resistance and capacitance, and HIPEX-CRC for network reduction. They are all available now on Linux, Windows, and Solaris. Perpetual, time-based, and site licenses are available for workgroup configurations of these products. List price for HIPEX-RC starts at $80,000 for a term-based license. For further information on these products, please contact


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