X-FAB to Support SILVACO Analog/Mixed-Signal Flow in Master Kits

October 9th, 2003

X-FAB, a leading independent mixed-signal foundry, and SILVACO announced today an agreement to provide mutual customers with analog/mixed-signal process design kits that result in higher design productivity. These kits will support SILVACO circuit simulation and IC CAD tools on X-FAB’s XC06 processes.

"X-FAB will offer its customers complete SILVACO EDA support for our comprehensive X-FAB master kits," said Dr. Jens Kosch, CTO of the X-FAB Group. "These analog/mixed-signal design kits support the complete SILVACO analog/mixed-signal development environment from Scholar™ Schematic Capture, Expert™ Layout, Guardian™ DRC/LVS/ERC to verified SmartSpice™ Circuit Simulator models.”

“X-FAB is well respected as a foundry with advanced technologies in analog and mixed-signal with a wide variety of modular options, such as high voltage, MEMS, and non-volatile memory,” said Kenneth Brock, vice president of marketing for SILVACO. “In supporting SILVACO analog/mixed-signal design kits, X-FAB demonstrates its broad support of customers’ choice in industry-leading analog design tools.”

X-FAB as a pure-play foundry supplier specializes in the manufacturing of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. The company attaches great importance to provide their customers with comprehensive service and first-class support from the early product development phase through to production.

SILVACO analog design kits enable designers to exploit the capabilities of X-FAB’s advanced semiconductor processes in the early design stages. Accurate and reliable SPICE parameters and models are the first and most critical step to achieve an optimum with regard to performance, design time, and costs. Ultimately, this results in an increase of design productivity and a reduction of time to market.

SmartSpice™ models and Scholar™ schematic symbols for the X-FAB XC06 process as well as complete analog design kits are available from X-FAB.