Judgment Entered in Favor of SILVACO and Against CSI on SILVACO's Cause of Action for Misappropriation of Trade Secrets

On August 18th 2003, the Superior Court of Santa Clara County entered a Judgment resolving the lawsuit between SILVACO and CSI. (See also: EE Times article by Richard Goering.) The Judgment fulfills SILVACO's three main requirements to end the lawsuit:

  1. Explicit admission that SmartSpice was stolen, repackaged, and sold as DynaSpice. Effective from the Day of the Judgment entered on August 18, 2003, CSI is enjoined from using, possessing, developing, selling, licensing, distributing, assisting or providing maintenance for DynaSpice or any product(s) that incorporate DynaSpice.
  2. SILVACO has suffered significant financial losses resulting from the theft of SmartSpice. CSI has agreed to pay an undisclosed amount of money to SILVACO. The Judgment is final as CSI has waived all rights to appeal.
  3. SILVACO has obtained the perpetual source-code rights for ALL Circuit Semantics products, as described in a separate Patent and Software License Agreement between Circuit Semantics, Inc. and SILVACO Data Systems, Inc.

Notice to ALL Former and Current Domestic and International CSI Customers

If you have purchased, have used, or are using CSI products that contain DynaSpice, you are in possession of STOLEN PROPERTY. You are strongly advised to contact SILVACO IMMEDIATELY to resolve the legal issues.

Contact Dr. Ivan Pesic, President and CEO of SILVACO at (408) 654 4309.

"SILVACO is committed to continue the development, distribution and worldwide support of all Circuit Semantics products" said Dr Ivan Pesic. "We are committed to working with existing CSI customers to resolve the legal issues as quickly as possible, and provide a roadmap for a stable future."

DynaSpice was the initial focus of this lawsuit. Now that SILVACO is in possession of all the CSI source code, analysis will continue to establish the extent to which SILVACO trade secrets have permeated other CSI products.

See also the full chronology of the legal action.