SILVACO Partners with IAP

May 4th, 2001

In order to create greater EDA tool interoperability, SILVACO International has partnered with EDA Integration Alliance Partners Program (EDA IAP). The EDA Integration Alliance Partners Program was developed to aid customers with multi-vendor tool flows to be able to obtain qualified tactical and strategic flow consultation services. The IAP is a collaboration of Integration Consultants, EDA Software Vendors, Commercial Foundries, IP & Design Service Providers and Engineering Computing Hardware Providers who have joined to provide various services to the semiconductor design and manufacturing community.

SiliconMap, an IAP founding partner, has been committed to the role of creating flows based on the IAP partner point tools. SiliconMap is a consulting service provider specializing in the creation of application optimized multi-vendor tool flows and engineering support. "We are very excited about the addition of SILVACO tools to the IAP. Since the SILVACO tool suites operate over Workstation, PC and Linux platforms À SiliconMap, can develop the device and process design, Front End circuit design and physical design tool flows with a single vendor best of breed point tools and still address the large mainstream semiconductor companies as well as the smaller startup firms." - SiliconMap president, Pallab Chatterjee.