Monte Carlo Transport Parameter Generator

January 29th, 2001

Mocasim is a three-valley Monte Carlo simulator designed to generate transport parameters for physical device simulation. It can model the bulk transport properties of cubic semiconductors, including group IV diamond structure semiconductors (Si, Ge & alloys) and the group III-V zincblende structure semiconductors (GaAs, InP, InGaAs etc.)

Mocasim derives a multi-dimensional output parameter data set with the carrier velocity, mobility, energy and momentum relaxation times, effective mass and sub-band distributions extracted as a function of applied field, doping density and lattice temperature.

The simulator has been designed to be flexible, allowing the user to include an arbitary number of scattering mechanisms. These may be selected from the default intra and intervalley processes or completely user-defined via the SILVACO C-Interpreter.

Mocasim can be used to accurately characterize common material systems where the existing transport models are poorly defined. Further, this design approach makes Mocasim ideal for investigating the transport characteristics of emerging material systems used in modern aggressive technologies.

Mocasim is currently available from both SILVACO and under the download pages of the eECAD web site.