Educational Institutions and Students Derive Freedom and Value from SILVACO Tools Available on e*ECAD Internet Portal

November 29th, 2000

SILVACO International offers a 1D process simulator (SSuprem3 Suite) and circuit simulator (SmartSpice Suite) on the e*ECAD website. Academic users and students now have easy access to tools without having to purchase licenses.

Students are no longer limited to using tools in computer labs only. With the flexibility and affordability of purchasing SILVACO software run-time under e*ECAD students are now able to use SILVACO tools at their homes or dorms on nights or weekends. SILVACO is committed to educate the next generation of electrical engineers with affordable, cutting edge EDA tools.

About e*ECAD
e*ECAD, located in Santa Clara, California, is a Web portal that delivers EDA tools on a pay-per-use basis. e*ECAD's unique purchase and delivery system has distinguished the portal as the first company to offer EDA software from multiple vendors in a pay-for-time or pay-for-use model. e*ECAD is committed to providing value to customers by offering high-quality tools with a pricing structure that makes them affordable.

About SILVACO International
SILVACO International was founded in 1984 by Dr. Ivan Pesic to provide a specific solution to the semiconductor industry with advanced and comprehensive parameter extraction and device modeling software. In 1989 SILVACO entered into the process and device simulation market and by 1992 became the dominant supplier and a clear technology leader. SILVACO maintains a worldwide presence with offices in Boston (MA), Austin (TX), Phoenix (AZ), Yokohama (Japan), Hsinchu (Taiwan), Singapore, Soeul (Korea), Grenoble (France), Munich (Germany), and Guildford (UK).