SILVACO Partners with e*ECAD to Take Advantage of a Novel Pay-Per-Use Delivery System Developed by e*ECAD

November 27th, 2000

SILVACO International is proud to announce its partnership with e*ECAD. e*ECAD is the first Internet-based portal to offer EDA solutions from multiple vendors through a novel pay-per-use delivery model.

This partnership offers enormous benefits to users by combining easy access to tools with affordability, while retaining complete control of design projects.

Impact on the Industry
The impact on the industry will be dramatic. For the first time, a user can run as many software copies as needed, when needed, on as many machines as needed, without the fear of paying exorbitant fees for them. Licensing fees and costly maintenance fees are completely eliminated, as well as geographical restrictions and design bottlenecks. Users can download software tools and run them directly on their machines without compromising their intellectual properties. Billing may be either pay-per-time or pay-per-use.

How the Model Works
e*ECAD's unique pay-per-use delivery model is a completely separate methodology from traditional licensing models. Licensed customers cannot exchange licensed (purchased) tools with e*ECAD executables, but the tools can run concurrently. e*ECAD-enabled software has a timing device to track elapsed run time and bill in 0.01 second increments.

Compared to the traditional licensing models, e*ECAD's pay-per-use model eliminates annual maintenance fees. The latest software is always available and posted on the e*ECAD site. Users who need technical support for SILVACO tools can purchase support time directly from SILVACO.

About e*ECAD
e*ECAD, located in Santa Clara, California, is a Web portal that delivers EDA tools on a pay-per-use basis. e*ECAD's unique purchase and delivery system has distinguished the portal as the first company to offer EDA software from multiple vendors in a pay-for-time or pay-for-use model. e*ECAD is committed to providing value to customers by offering high-quality tools with a pricing structure that makes them affordable.

About SILVACO International
SILVACO International was founded in 1984 by Dr. Ivan Pesic to provide a specific solution to the semiconductor industry with advanced and comprehensive parameter extraction and device modeling software. In 1989 SILVACO entered into the process and device simulation market and by 1992 became the dominant supplier and a clear technology leader. SILVACO maintains a worldwide presence with offices in Boston (MA), Austin (TX), Phoenix (AZ), Yokohama (Japan), Hsinchu (Taiwan), Singapore, Soeul (Korea), Grenoble (France), Munich (Germany), and Guildford (UK).